Friday, April 29, 2011


"finished painting" it's finished in the  way that I'll never work on it again at this point.  I kind of like that..."not completely painted"painted look ;)

Anyway, here's a wip digital painting that I'm getting underway, a little bit of fan-art I guess you could call it.  Can you guess what movie is my inspiration?

Speaking of digital painting, Corel Painter must be bought! -drool-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colored pencil is for crazies

When you think of colored pencil, you think of childhood, right? Coloring books...scribbling with heavy colorful, beautiful marks.
"Real" colored pencil drawings are a bitch.  The only way to describe it.  Only the mentally insane would attempt a full size, fully rendered colored pencil drawing.  There's so much carefully coloring smooth, light layers of colors everywhere, it's ridiculous... although, I have to admit, it turns out looking pretty badass if done correctly.

Examples of amazingly done colored peices done this way:

Just...what the hell.

Here's the one I did in figure drawing class
This is a wip, I have next class to arduously darken it.
I was only supposed to use 2 colors, blue and bright orange.  So why doesn't it look that blue or orange?  The idea is to blend the two colors perfectly in infinate layers to create darkness in hue.  (ie, blue and orange are complimentary colors, so mix them and it will theoretically create the perfect grey.
In this case, we were supposed to make very dark hues by only doing this process of alternating light colors in layers. layer after layer until it develops into a black hole

Haha yeah

btw here are some gestures for the hell of it.

Done in pastel pencil

My drawing teacher wants about seven or so drawing pieces to get into the student art show... which means I have to take a million hours to matt them not to mention buying massive amounts of mount board. -sigh- Ah well I have contest money to spend at the school store, anyway ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I go to class drugged out and sick and this happens.  I kind of wish I would have approached this differently... but it works, I suppose.  For not being able to concentrate, this is alright.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fat Canvases!

Ok so I havn't been posting every day, so here's a big update on some huge paintings and such Ive been doing. 
wip 40x30 oil painting

lol don't look at the face yet
Here's a homework piece, about the same size as the painting above.  This is in oil and although it's taking forever, it's fun as hell :D
Also: note the extremely rough texture...I should've sanded this baby down some before painting...

 Here's a picture I'm using for reference.  I'm pretty excitied about this one!  You are too, right model??
>.> ...looks like it

Here's the finished charcoal piece featuring a foot in motion kicking a soccer ball. 18x20 or something like that.

 This is something I randomly started.  Boredom can be great sometimes.  I'm liking how this is turing out really.  "Space Mary" I'm using the same model from my previous painting, if you can't tell haha!  They are my roomates and I have full art-creeping privileges.

you can see what they are up to art wise at the top of the page "Friends at CCAD" :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charcoal FEVER

WIP charcoal

hm.  I think I may have gotten the hang of charcoal :) but there's always a lot of room for improvement.  It's been a while sinse I posted last, I'll (try) and put something up every day