Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#99 Paintings and Sketches (Indy Portrait)

Some process experimentation...
Using some distortion with the face.
All in all, a nice in-depth sketch.

Some pastel sketchies

More pics of gun babies here.

Some painting studies..
Lots of deer in our backyard.
This is my kitten watching me in a dark hallway... as quick as this painting took me, I rather like how it turned out! I'll have to remember the steps to conjuring this magical oil technique :)

We got a kitty!

Saw prometheus btw...
And here's another Indy for the heck of it.

School's almost heerreee.... so much more to come!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

#98 Finishing editorials

It's been a few weeks, and a lot has been accomplished!

Here are the last images I illustrated for Mondokio News.

U.S. planning increase in aid to Yemen

The U.S. military is preparing to give more than $100 million in counterterrorism and security aid to Yemen this year to aid the country against an al-Qaeda affiliate.

Mitt Romney’s international relations trip off to a bumpy start.

Mitt Romney has emphasised his English ancestry after a gaffe-filled day in London.

India restores power after massive blackout

Electricity returns to much of India after second day of outages that sparked major transport disruption and traffic chaos in several cities.
US army veteran named in Sikh temple attack
Wade Michael Page, a US army veteran, has been identified as the assailant in the shooting that left six worshipers at a Sikh temple dead in Wisconsin state.

Iranian pilgrims kidnapped in Syrian capital as fighting is renewed

Renewed battles between Syrian government forces and rebel fighters overtook Damascus, and 48 Iranian pilgrims were kidnapped from a tour group.

Taliban threaten to kill ‘liberal’ Imran Khan

Pakistani group vows to attack opposition leader if he holds protest in Waziristan near the Afghan border against US drone strikes.
My last article for a long while!

So that was a really fun internship. It really tested my skills on pumping out decent work in a couple hours while trying to live my normal life.  It was great practice for a demanding job and gave me lots of opportunities to try out new techniques along the way!
A great experience.