Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Landscapes: An end of semester special!

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WOW it has been a while, I apologize for that. Onwards and upwards!

I have learned a lot from Landscape painting this semester.  The sheer know-how I learned just from painting a lot of one session paintings is astounding.  I was forced to find things I liked about a landscape, focus on them, and figure out how to make them clear within the time limit I had and the one layer I had to work with.

We were only allowed to use palette knives and black and white paint. It was a really interesting challenge!


Really starting to get a hang of this palette knife "technique".

That's it for the Plein Air paitnings.  Then we focused on in class studio paintings.  

The theme for mine is isolation.  I chose to use little urban houses and place them in the middle of the seemingly endless woods.

Underpainting. Cute lil house. A lot of these were found in Altoona PA for Illuxcon last month. 

Color version. It's still a WIP as of now.
I decided this one didn't need to be colored, it described isolation and loneliness with just reds and browns.

My teacher brought this artist to my attention: Albert Thayer. 

WE CAME ACROSS THIS. Look familiar? If you could see the painting above in real life (crappy digtial photos...) you may be freaked out by the very similar color schemes and material.  I like this guy... check out his work!

All in all, great no-stress class. Totally recommend it! Gong to try a few landscapes over winter break if I can :D

Going to post a good deal over the next couple weeks- heads up! Thanks for reading, check out my website and tell me what you think :]