Sunday, April 29, 2012

#89 Digital colors!

lines and colors and colors and lines!

I tried to exaggerate some colors I was looking at and create more of a overlaying abstract, but still organic pattern within the piece.  I like how it turned out!  I'm really starting to enjoy these linework/ digital color projects.  Maybe someday I'll even learn watercolors... haha

Oh, hi Mark English.  I dragged you into photoshop by mistake and kind of like it.
 Above: Because colors.
 Below: Because colors.

Dmity Zhilinsky "Soldiers Bathing"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

#88 Character Design- Board Game

My advertizing team and I are assigned to create a board game from scratch.  I was in charge of making the game pieces and characters for the graphics and cards, as well as designing the "book covers".

This was a pretty fun project considering what I've had to put up with this "team" class all year.

trying different styles
South America
North America

Above are the character designs and below are the book cover designs.  The game is called "culture Quest" and all the characters represent a certain continent.  Here, each character has a book in which they will have a unique adventure.  One of my other team members put the text on them, so I don't really have names for them or their little books!  You can make up adventures for them, instead.  ;)

And the game pieces!

THESE ONES were lost and I had to make new ones :(

but it's ok! THESE ONES turned out great :)
Africa- Elephant
Asia- Small boat
South America- Submarine
Australia- Airplane
Europe- Hot Air Balloon
Antarctica- Large Boat
North America- Grand Prix Car

I used pretty shiny paint, so that was fun.

Here's the final game all together!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#87 David Bowie Spread

Final Layout
I did these 2 2 page spreads for a music magazine called "Clash".  It really gave me a chance to go all out with color!

Here are some of my other layouts...

Although advertising still feels like a chore, it's starting to grow on me.

I know, exciting, right?
Well I've got lots of legitimately exciting finals coming up. Hold tight 'yall!

Monday, April 16, 2012

#86 Art Sale adventures

Thanks to everyone who gave their support at the CCAD art sale on Saturday! It was a real fun experience and will definitely be there next year.  It's funny, I could not even begin to predict what people wanted to buy or were interested in...  One thing's for sure, I will be selling smaller things and sketchbooks next time!

hehe I have business cards :D

There I am on the cramped 2nd floor of the art show.  Next to me is my table buddy, Thierolfolis (or Rowkey) as well as our double punch combo of cute animals and naked people was, I think both of us deserve our own table next time.  I was so happy to see her and my friends at ccad sell lots of prints!

I feel pretty good about the sales, but I still have A LOT of prints AND originals left.

They are $8.00 each
Fact- Hitler was a Vegetarian
Death of a Tree
along with...
Dapper Dan's
The Patriots
Charcoal Lady#1
Charcoal Lady #2
Oil Lady #1

... and those are just the prints I have left!...

Honestly, I don't even think that is all of them.  Long story short, I brought WAY too many originals... large sized originals.  They are all matted and can be framed on request.

The price on those depends on the size, medium and quality of the piece.

There was no where to put them. Period.  As in, people couldn't even see most of them behind my table.  For the most part, I blame CCAD's organization of the floor where I was located.  I had about a foot of room behind my table and we were not allowed to hang things on the walls (unless you brought your own walls).  I compensated a bit by building a type of folder in front of my table, but it seemed like people did not like to sort through it.  I'll have to re-think a better rack or something for next time. 

At any rate thanks to all who stopped by!  I hope to see and hear from you in the future! C:

Interested in buying a print or original?  Email me!