Monday, April 18, 2011

Fat Canvases!

Ok so I havn't been posting every day, so here's a big update on some huge paintings and such Ive been doing. 
wip 40x30 oil painting

lol don't look at the face yet
Here's a homework piece, about the same size as the painting above.  This is in oil and although it's taking forever, it's fun as hell :D
Also: note the extremely rough texture...I should've sanded this baby down some before painting...

 Here's a picture I'm using for reference.  I'm pretty excitied about this one!  You are too, right model??
>.> ...looks like it

Here's the finished charcoal piece featuring a foot in motion kicking a soccer ball. 18x20 or something like that.

 This is something I randomly started.  Boredom can be great sometimes.  I'm liking how this is turing out really.  "Space Mary" I'm using the same model from my previous painting, if you can't tell haha!  They are my roomates and I have full art-creeping privileges.

you can see what they are up to art wise at the top of the page "Friends at CCAD" :)


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