Friday, October 22, 2010

Contours and Bronze!

Hey, it's been a while, and now it's time for a big update!

Here are some lithographic prints I've been pumping out.  I'm selling these prints at 10.00 $ a pop.  If you are interested, please email me-

This is made from a picture of a bathtub, sink and toilet I have taken at an abandoned gas station.
 Here's the acetate version- cool to look through.
It's the idea that nothing has permanence.  There are 14 prints left

Another print, this one is of a skeleton featuring geometric designs of spines along the boarders.  9 prints left.

India ink drawing from class

My bronze sculpture! "Big Billy Business"  I really like how this turned out.  I am in the process of sanding it down and using patina on it to give it a richer color of my choice.  The whole process is just so interesting and fun, I suggest you all give it a try sometime when you get the chance. 

This a line drawing from class in H pencil- it's a two part drawing.  So next class, I'm going to be adding value to it.  I kind of just want to India Ink this thing lol- screw graphite.  But oh well, next time you see her, she'll look rendered.

I'm really interested in sculpey, I have never used it before, but it just looks so fun and you can make such beautiful things! I'll be working on a design for something to sculpt, along with working on my painting-first one of the semester! [I'll keep you updated]  Example of one of the people who can sculpt brilliantly with sculpey [I think it's sculpey anyway] - Danelle Vierkant.  Her concepts are just awesome, go check out her stuff!

hey hey- so who's excited about the new Disney movie, TRON Legacy coming out? I AM.  Thanks to this great person, I get to go to a Imax preview next Thursday! Yes, it's only 20 mins long, but they will be a glorious 20 mins of my life.

Here is the Tron Sweepstakes, where you can make your own program and enter every day.  The more days you enter, the more chances you get to winning fabulous prizes! Go on and check it out :]

Haaahhhh so here's to a stress-free week to all you great people.  Go ahead and go into comatose for a few mins each day, it's better for you than you think
 Zen video
Maybe all of this is coming from my philosophy class

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

yell down the hallway if you've got someting to say *

GOOD NEWS.  My "big mouth business' [previously singing] bass will be finished and cast in bronze by the end of next week [hopefully] and will be in my next post.

Here's a drawing update -pshow!

This is a part one of a three part series done for my drawing class.  It's done with india ink pens on cold-press vellum paper [18.5x23"]

Here are some 30 min drawings from class, both done in pastel pencil.

This one here looks like it has strange proportions.  BUT, in fact, she is leaning weirdly forward and doing something funky with her right arm [this is where shading would come in handy, Amanda ...ahah].

Next drawing class we get to use PENS, so I am very excited for that! -laughs menacingly

I found this website a couple days ago and my life has sinse, been better. CLICK

And if you want proof of it's greatness, just look at this and tell me your soul didn't cry with happiness!!  >.> and this is just the tip of the iceberg, let me tell you.

Check out this week's artist for inspiration for me. Alice Neel  Her angles and colors are awesome, somebody else that I apparently have a similar style to, according to my teacher. -pfft again, I wish.

[If you're wondering about the title of this post, why don't you ask my neighbors in my apartment complex.  Going to a party school, they have a lot on their mind and they're not afraid to say so! Haha it's not like I mind it.  In fact, it adds a spark of chaotic human voice to my day, and I appreciate that. Here's to you crazy awesomes out there. YEEAAAAHHHHH WOOOOOOT]