Wednesday, October 6, 2010

yell down the hallway if you've got someting to say *

GOOD NEWS.  My "big mouth business' [previously singing] bass will be finished and cast in bronze by the end of next week [hopefully] and will be in my next post.

Here's a drawing update -pshow!

This is a part one of a three part series done for my drawing class.  It's done with india ink pens on cold-press vellum paper [18.5x23"]

Here are some 30 min drawings from class, both done in pastel pencil.

This one here looks like it has strange proportions.  BUT, in fact, she is leaning weirdly forward and doing something funky with her right arm [this is where shading would come in handy, Amanda ...ahah].

Next drawing class we get to use PENS, so I am very excited for that! -laughs menacingly

I found this website a couple days ago and my life has sinse, been better. CLICK

And if you want proof of it's greatness, just look at this and tell me your soul didn't cry with happiness!!  >.> and this is just the tip of the iceberg, let me tell you.

Check out this week's artist for inspiration for me. Alice Neel  Her angles and colors are awesome, somebody else that I apparently have a similar style to, according to my teacher. -pfft again, I wish.

[If you're wondering about the title of this post, why don't you ask my neighbors in my apartment complex.  Going to a party school, they have a lot on their mind and they're not afraid to say so! Haha it's not like I mind it.  In fact, it adds a spark of chaotic human voice to my day, and I appreciate that. Here's to you crazy awesomes out there. YEEAAAAHHHHH WOOOOOOT]

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  1. I love the bloke with the parasol picture. It makes me smile. c=