Tuesday, December 28, 2010


First off, thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments!! Blogger is being strange and will not let me respond to comments.  So until I figure this problem out... thanks+ appreciation + you guys ROCK.
So here are some sculptures I did for my family for Christmas.  It's my first time working with sculpey.
And also some sketches I've done.  More to some soon, I just havn't taken pics of some yet. enjoy!

It's a Browns bulldog for my dad
WOAH hey there puppy!
The bulldog sculpture is more of a subtraction process with carving involved- god so fun, but messy

Pikachu for my brother -chuuu
4 Seasons Shark for my swimming sister!


Happy holidays to you all! Kinda chilly out there lately isn't it. Keep yo spirits up, mother nature can be a bitch this season ;)

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