Thursday, November 10, 2011

#71 Illuxcon/ update

So I went to Illuxcon in Altoona, Pennsylvania last weekend!  It was totally worth the student ticket price...more so!  Met some AMAZING illustrators, including Petar Meseldzija, Danato Giancola, Omar Rayyan, Gary Lippincott, Joe Kovach (My teacher) and so many others!

My roomies and I talking to Gary L.
I have no idea who took this picture or how they knew who I was and tagged me on facebook.... >.> but I feel honored to have witnessed such a spectacular group of artists share their talent! Not to mention the beautiful prints I received.

Altoona was such a beautiful place
I did not take my camera regrettably... check out Klang's blog for more pics of the spectacular area and show!    I am so inspired and ready to explode with artistic influence after this thing... I'll definitely be there next year- see you there!  I'm also very excited about Spectrum coming to Kansas City :D

Welp anyway here's a small update on the small happenings of Amanda's time at art school...

The start of using a technique that C.F. Payne developed.

Some derpy lil doodlies from the Illuxcon awards ceremony

Donato Giancola with his best of show award

Gary Lippincott

Thumbs for a mixed media project involving David Byrne


 I HAVE to find time to work on personal projects... ILLUXCON TOLD ME TO


  1. Love watching all your posts!!!!

  2. I'm so glad! I love to get feedback, thank you!