Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No, I'm not dead!

It's been a long winter break, or maybe it just seemed that way without art projects ruling my life!
Well School is back in session so you'll be seeing a post on here at least every couple of days, or every other day if I can help it!  Here's some stuff I've been fiddling with over the time off...

"what's this?? You're re-posting?" No, this is another go at my Hitler rabbit buddy.  I consider the last one to be my rough draft. 
the last one.... meh

I'm being much more careful and precise with this one.  It's my first 'big piece' to be done with pen and ink instead of just...pens, so it's a super delicate process.

 I've been working on this too, you probably can't tell an immediate difference, but it has changed a bit.

"hiss! Bloood"

 Practicing the technique I used for the image before this one.  It's fun but takes a long time, building up layers and whatnot.  

Looking forward to future art ventures!

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