Thursday, February 16, 2012

#84 Christian Bale and other digital things

Pretty happy with how it turned out
It was a pretty fun project! I'm going to draw other silly celebrity portraits in future, definitely.  More of them being traditional probably...but Photoshop painting is still pretty nice.

Here's some landscapes out of my head as an exercise in class.  We weren't supposed to use any reference of any kind...although most people did anyway... I don't understand why these people are in art school!!  Get those creative juices.

I'm redoing the "Dapper Dan" project in Illustrator, and I must say, it's taking forever.  Well... at least it's clean! CLEAN LINES SO CLEAN.  Gonna be worth the time working on this sucker so it's likely I'm giong to be hiding away for the next few days in my art cave.

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