Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#99 Paintings and Sketches (Indy Portrait)

Some process experimentation...
Using some distortion with the face.
All in all, a nice in-depth sketch.

Some pastel sketchies

More pics of gun babies here.

Some painting studies..
Lots of deer in our backyard.
This is my kitten watching me in a dark hallway... as quick as this painting took me, I rather like how it turned out! I'll have to remember the steps to conjuring this magical oil technique :)

We got a kitty!

Saw prometheus btw...
And here's another Indy for the heck of it.

School's almost heerreee.... so much more to come!!!

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  1. When I buy a new house, it seems to be with something more in it, after many minutes, I think about it--- oil paintings , my house then seems so beautiful!