Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#92 Updates overdue

So of course I'll be updating you on the internship political drawings, but also give you some projects which I've been meaning to update you on.

Recently reappointed Putin visits comrades to tighten key alliances

Vladimir Putin has already made a lightning trip to Germany and France but will symbolically be visiting Beijing before the United States.
(On a scary side note. Mr. Putin is rumored to have recently R&Ded a new weapon that targets victims central nervous system, causing a lobotomized like state. Yeah! Technology!)

Queen Elizabeth concludes Jubilee

with rare address
Queen Elizabeth II wraps up four days of diamond jubilee celebrations but without her husband Prince Philip who was recently hospitalized.

Some symbols I did for the Arnold Sports Festival.  I'm rather proud of some of these!

A watercolor.

Experimenting with guash!  I painted this as if it were an oil painting. lol

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