Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#93 Draws

Welcome back y'all!  I know it's been a while.  THIS is my sketchbook tumblr page, where I actually tend to update it every day. Although I'm still more of a blogger gal, you'll see most everything shown on this site and more. Just a heads up for those of you tired of my scattered updates ;)

New massacre in Syria reported, 100 dead

There were unconfirmed reports of a massacre in Syria June 6. The reports said dozens of civilians in a village near Hama were slain by pro-government militias Wednesday afternoon.
Well that's kind of depressing...let's lighten it up!
facial expressions

I've found that I did not bring a pencil on this vacation... ah no harm done. I can't get enough of pens!
This is Mittens.

Some more gestural kind of stuff

This is Marley.
Trying out some  watercolors.  Really cheap ones, but still nice color studies.

Just to let you know, I'm currently working on a follow up piece to Christian Bale/American Psycho.

It's another "narrative portrait" done in a similar style.  I am super psyched about this process.   Currently, this project is on hold because of some vacation time... but should get rolling again once I get back home.  Same for my Mondokio internship.

I don't know how to give you a hint as to who I'm doing without completely giving it away... so I'll just leave this here...

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