Friday, July 13, 2012

#95 Design in limied time!

16Billion is offered in aid to Afghanistan over four years

Donors from about 70 countries and organizations, at a one-day conference in Tokyo, set a baseline for aid in this crucial period.

Barclays Chairman Agius steps down amid rate-fixing scandal

Last week, U.S. and British hit Barclays with fines totaling $453 million for submitting false data on interbank borrowing rates.

Pakistan to open supply routes after U.S. apology

Hillary Clinton says Pakistan agreed to reopen U.S. lines into Afghanistan after she apologized for a November airstrike.

Scientists discover subatomic particle at the center of everything

Dubbed the Higgs boson, the particle is thought to permeate the universe. It reportedly imbibes everything we can see and touch with mass.

Europe, China slash interest rates in hopes of recovery

The measures reflect a sense of urgency about faltering economies , even as elected policymakers haggle over their own long-term responses.

Floods in India leave 95 dead, millions homeless

Flooding, described by India’s prime minister as the worst in recent times, has left at least 95 dead and almost 2 million others homeless in the country’s remote Assam state.

India may provide free drugs at state-run hospitals

New Delhi is completing a proposal to provide hundreds of essential drugs free to patients in government-run clinics and hospitals.

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