Sunday, July 22, 2012

#97 The Weekly News

This guy has great sideburns.

Tour de France has first British winner

Britain’s Bradley Wiggins wins Tour de France as ‘God Save the Queen’ echoes in Paris

Ethiopian activists, journalist jailed

Eskinder Nega and 23 others were accused of having links to an opposition group called the Ginbot Seven.
Focusing on the concept

Syrian rebellion reaches capital city

Revolutionaries closing in on the capital challenges long-held assumptions about President Bashar al-Assad’s hold on power.

Senkaku Islands debate create tension between Japan and China

Japan’s ambassador to China has been recalled amid dispute over the ownership of these five uninhabited islands.
One of my favorites. It feels good to let loose with my art and have fun with it!

Greenland’s Petermann glacier loses major mass

Chunk “twice the size of Manhattan” or 46 square miles that just split off this week.
Here's the actual glacier.  That's impressive o.O

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